PT ROM - Personal training in the comfort of your own home

Can't get to the gym? Let it come to you!

For many of us, being stuck at home means that our fitness routines are suffering, at the very time when we most need the mental and physical benefits of exercise. For regular exercisers, it can be hard to stay motivated when you're used to being in a gym environment, while beginners who want to use the lockdown to finally get in shape may find themselves baffled by all the information out there and unsure of where to start.

How is PT Rom different?

PT ROM enables you to enjoy personal training in the comfort of your own home. Using Skype, Zoom or your preferred platform, your personal training session will be delivered at a time that suits you using the equipment you have to-hand. 

Yes, there are loads of great workouts online, but PT Rom is different: It is not an app or a workout video streamed to millions, it's a session tailored to your individual needs, fitness levels and available equipment.

For beginners, this means creating a safe workout that can be adapted as you improve, rather than risking injury by trying to follow an online routine that may not be pitched to your current level of fitness.

For more experienced exercisers, you get all the motivation and personal attention you would get from a personal trainer and a "face-to-face" routine with sessions aimed at helping you achieve your fitness goals.

No home gym? no problem!

I deliver all the PT sessions from my studio where I have access to a wide range of equipment to ensure you have the best experience and am happy to work with the kit you prefer. Don't worry if you have nothing at home, I can create a workout based on whatever you have, even if it's just bottles of water or tins of beans!

I can also advise on the best basic kit to suit your needs and how to expand that as your levels of fitness or your requirements change. When the current lockdown is over, I can also teach you how to incorporate outdoor activities into your routines.

Not sure?

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